If you're new here you'll find that we're just a big family. First Assembly of God is a very casual place to come and connect with Jesus. At our church you'll find people of every age, an incredible kid's program, live worship music, a relevant message from God's word, Hispanic and English Services, and an all around exciting place to grow in your faith. We believe that church should be both fun and impacting! Our dress and style is casual.  Just come as you are and check us out!

First Sunday Jitters?

We've all been there. Anytime a person attends a church for the first time it comes with butterflies, anxieties, and fears over the unexpected. Consider yourself normal. It feels like a blind date...not knowing what to expect...hoping it will be good...but preparing for the worst! I pray these short notes will help settle your heart on what a first visit to our church might be like.

How Do I Get There?

Click HERE for directions to any of our locations.

What to Wear?

In terms of 'dress', Our church is a "come as you are" church. Some people wear jeans - others wear dress shirts - a few wear ties. Seriously, wear what is most comfortable. 

How old are the people?

Our Church is truly a church of all ages. We have  children from birth through 5th grade - they meet in "Journey Kids." We also have teens (6th-12th grade) who participate in our regular worship service and at times during the month leave after worship for a special class for them. In addition, we have adults all the way up through their 90's. There are lots of couples; lots of singles; middle-age; upper-age. You will not feel "out of place".

What time should I arrive?

Depends. If you have no children and are easily 'mobile', then arrive by about 8:45am for the First Worship Service and 10:45am for the 2nd Worship Service. We start worship at 9am and 11am sharp!  I like to show up 10 minutes early to get acclimated to the surroundings. If you have children or need additional time to get around, I would recommend a little earlier to provide enough time to get settled.

What is the worship like?

The word in Christian circles is: contemporary. Our church worship is led from the guitar with keyboard, bass, and drums. We believe in experiencing God through our worship by encouraging your participation. Some will raise their hands or even proclaim praise out loud.  On a typical Sunday, we worship through singing for about 25-30 minutes. 

What is the message like?

We preach from one book - the Bible. Our sermons are usually in a series of 3-6 weeks. We preach in various styles, sometimes verse by verse, other topical, or even character studies.  The sermons are roughly 35 minutes long.  My prayer is that you grow in your walk with God each Sunday, are challenged, and influence your community. Want an example? Check out past messages HERE!

Are visitors asked to stand up?

No.  On a typical Sunday, we will verbally welcome all of our guests who are visiting for the first time. We want you to feel welcome at our church - but we don't want you to feel embarrassed or singled out.  Guests are invited to fill out a "Connection Card" so we can get to know you better. You can drop this in the offering, or turn it in at the info center for a special gift from us. 

How long is the Sunday service?

A typical worship service at First Assembly of God lasts about 90 minutes. We are not "mastered" by the clock, but we also understand the culture in which we live.

Where do my kids go?

We have an AWESOME "Journey Kid's" ministry. When you arrive, ask one of our greeters where the "Kids check-in station" is. They will direct you to our special Kid's Building where volunteers can help check your children in. Our nursery (0-2) is well staffed as well as our younger classes (3-5). Our Journey Kids (6-12 years old) is a vibrant, eye-catching, room of activity. Of course, if you feel more comfortable, parents are welcome to keep their kids with them during the worship service.  

Where do my youth go?

Our youth join with the adults for the worship service.  During the 11am Service, there is a class for Jr. High Students following the Worship time.

Will my kids be safe?

We have made every effort to ensure the safety of our children and adults. Your child will "check-in" through an IPAD system where they will receive a unique printed label.  Their parents receive the other portion of the label and they can only be picked up by presenting the matching label  Childcare workers have approved background checks run through law enforcement agencies. We also have a team of security on site to do our very best to protect our premises.  We value the lives of every person who walks in our doors.


We look forward to seeing you this Sunday Morning at 9AM & 11am!